The Wine of the Night​.​.​. and the Promises of the Sun (Demo)

by Pettalom

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Fernando de Almeida - Guitars
Alan de Augustinis - Guitars
Marcos Riva - Vocals/Lyrics
Erick André - Bass
André Campos - Drums


Celso Veagnoli - Keyboards / Sound Engineer
Elaine R. Olivieri - Vocals (Female)

"The Wine of the Night... and the Promises of the Sun" was recorded in 8 tracks in Winter 1998.

Cover Layout by Guilherme


released July 1, 1998



all rights reserved


Pettalom Tatuí, Brazil

Heavy/Gothic Metal band who released album "The Wine of the Night", and returned for live shows and record their second album


Marcos (v)
Fernando (g)
Rafael (g)
Luiz (b)
Willian (d)
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Track Name: Feelings Buried Alive
Lost dreams left to the way
Snow served to the loneliness
In sun cup shine the tears
The dawn in the trays of smiles

Scarlet midnight wrapped wine
Haunted by love and ice
Sheding the cold in dying promises
Soul of snow from the ancient abbeys

Entrails receive me
White flesh, oh altar
Sleeping in your temple
Where the pain is so far...
Little fairy kiss my tears
Wine pray to the night
Burial of my feelings
In the silent exile

Challenging your shadows where the death call in ecstasy
And rest where the promises sing in fall your face in the wind
Your face extends over where the nymphs and magicians sleeps
Loving the deep enchantments and your pain inside me
In desires, of set thorn in time, and time and rain, Oh pain!
Give me back feelings, they are buried alive into your veins

The song of the winds
In the forest smell
Silence burning in the fairy spell

Bewitched, deep
Rise up my wings
On the desert of my dead dreams

"Quadros nas sombras
Há uma luz ancestral
Onde a memória sonha o abraço dos tempos
O presente, seu nome
Talvez silêncio
Onde as horas erguem as suas asas
Aprisionadas ao fio das palavras"
Track Name: Celibate
Celibate, denying the keys of fire
Cause' the heavens are fall in the hell of flames
Among the ash and water, the sacred love of the soul
Redemption of the flesh cell, imprisioned in the space and time
In the space and time

You dream, you, lonely
Like a song of fire
Dreaming holy ghost in this pain so higher
Sacred crying in nightmares in lonely bridges
Oh, Saturn's sing in the abysses of their mind

Don't die in fire
Don't lie in your wait
No more god bless you
Oh, kiss to late

Oh, burn the snake
That feed you with fire
Send your dance to the sky
Making love with forces
Of the day and the night

Insane and scares loneliness
Leave your heart to the tears of gods
Resurrection in the monk cell
Consuming the godness and the evil
And the reason, the sentinel
Of the sun to be worth shiped
Purificate the dreams of the claws of beasts
Of the ego' legions
Oh, please I burn in violet
?? I burn in violet flames

Celibate, the bitches pray in the light of your tears
Every hearts are chained
By the death and flesh pain

Celibate, don't shed the sacred seed
Of the heavens and hells are free
Don't perpetuate this valley of tears

Celibate, oh... celibate
Don't shed the sacred seed
Heavens and hells are free
Celibate, oh... celibate
Don't perpetuate this valley of tears
Celibate, oh... celibate